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Your world is in dissaray...A severe Head-Trauma is on its way

Welcome to an area of no restrictions where everything said is honest and true. Where all you ever wanted to say is said and not held against you. This is our world this is your Head-Trauma, this is the mainstream... Denied

we bid you welcome...

Head-Trauma are an up and coming Industrial Metal act with one thing on there minds, Truth...
The idea was originally concieved by Jay R, the bands creative force and chief songwriter. The band were up until recently a solo act. To realise the Head-Trauma dream a live band had to be thrown in to the mix. The band is now a three piece consisting of the following dgenerates :

Jay R :- Vocals,guitars,progrmming /sampling, keys and synths

Ali :- Guitars

Neil :- Drums

Due to the complexity of some of the song arangments a few aditional members are sought. Head-trauma still require both a synth player and multi instrumentalist.