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Hakuna Pesa (Swahili for "no money") are a Ska band who play vaguely danceable songs in order to raise money to help street kids in Kenya.

The band was born in 2003 with an original line up of nine horns and a three piece rythm section, however due to various habits and excessive tendancies, Hakuna Pesa only done a year - forty gigs then we got the hump with each other!

After a year, the singer got sober and bored. Instead of dealing in stolen shopping trolleys, corrupting children and smoking rocks, MC Msungu wrote a load of new songs in his battered caravan, pulled together the most talented bunch of beatniks he knew and they recorded twenty-three tracks in three days at a mate's garage.

This was more fun than they had expected.

At this stage, organs were lacking. Of course, all of the band member's PHYSICAL organs were present. Their bodily functions were all performing properly. Well, MC Msungu's digestive system seemed pretty active, but this is irrelevant, he cont