"With a name like "Dem 80 Boyz" most can mistake them as just "another" group but 80 boyz are far from that. 80 Boyz have been making noise on the underground scene for quite some time now. This is a

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"With a name like "80 Boyz" most can preceive the 80 Boyz to be just another group but the 80 boyz have been making a buzz for quite some time now. From hits that go back like "Grind Hard" from the mixtape "KP & B Roc Presents: Tha Come Up" to current songs like "Dirty South Hustlas", 80 boyz been doin there thang. "Comin from Alabama it aint been easy" says KP "But we slowly creeping towards a major record deal." From the looks of it it seems they are doing just that."