Grand Union Revival


"Too many stray dogs in this town....."

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Grand Union Revival were born out of a burning desire to make THE finest, Southern-fried, boogie-drenched, filth-laden, heart-starting, shit-kicking riot rock ever to slouch its way to your house, invite itself in, drink your whisky and make a pass at your sister.

The band's carefully marshalled and louchely planned rise to the top began, unlikely as it is, in a shitty rehearsal room in the back streets of Birmingham. Some say 'Electric Sugar' is a relic of these times. Others wouldn't dare. Members went and came and the sweet-smelling, strangely attractive line-up you may be familiar with emerged in 2006.

The current incarnation of GUR began their live assault on the stage of the Bull and Gate, Camden, to a riotous and some might even say debauched, reception. Dates in Birmingham followed and those with any sense will catch GUR while there is still a sense of lurid intimacy about their performances...

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