Graham Bowers


Powerful avant garde, experimental, progressive, dark ambient, classical cross over music by Graham Bowers released through the Red Wharf label.

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Graham Bowers’ approach to musical composition developed out of his life long fascination with “associative listening” (the association of sound related to life experiences) and evolved into a genre of music which he describes as "Sound Theatre". After many years of writing sound scores for contemporary dance, mime and experimental theatre performances, his debut album, "Of Mary's Blood" was released on the Red Wharf label.

The first in a trilogy, "Of Mary's Blood" combined classical, progressive and experimental music. Produced and recorded with Peter B Gallagher, with musical contributions from Mark J Porter, it received critical acclaim from the international music press (The Wire, Audion, Mouvement-Nouveau) as did all of his subsequent releases. It was followed by "Transgression", and the trilogy finished with "Eternal Ghosts", featuring musical contributions from Tim Franks, Peter B Gallagher, Mark J Porter, Jim Keddie, and William Henshall.