Gauge 44


Mountain rock!

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As the semi trailer leaves the truck stop the driver switches on his radio and tunes into a radio station playing a new genre of music. The music needs to be played loud so he cranks up the volume. Somewhere in the distance a young fellow waits on the curbside, and the driver knows that this fellow will be waiting for him to drive by and pick him up. The bass line is pounding loud through his speakers resembling his up-beat heart beat as the banjo appears and intrigues his innermost feelings. Suddenly the guitar enters as a sensation flowing from his groin. And just when he spots the lonely hitcher the vocals pour out of the stereo making his largest muscle contract so much that it almost bursts. But he strains himself and pulls over. He knows he has been listening to the music of his life. He knows he has been listening to mountain rock performed by Gauge 44.