Seeing music as more of an experience than merely a collection of songs, Flesh-Resonance fuse past, present & future together, creating original, startling contrasts of dark ambient-electro-rock.

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Known for their eclectic approach, Flesh-Resonance made an impact on the underground scene with the release of their debut album The Dark Between The Stars.

Following on from where their debut left off, The Feast Of Shadows continued to explore the darker realms of music, expanding & progressing while pushing the boundaries of originality & difference.

The beginning of 2005 saw the release of Aeon, a 5 track / 30 minute EP morphing together both live & studio recordings. The EP is available as a free download from the official Flesh-Resonance website.

Alchemy Rewritten >> the remixes volume 1 was released in late 2005. Much more than a mere remix album, this is a completely new take on the existing & the familiar creating something original & new. Containing 16 tracks it weighs in at well over an hours worth of new Flesh-Resonance remixes.