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It was the year nineteen eighty five. A man named EY PHLO began his journey and preparation to lead a new generation into the era of the working class emcee. At the same time, a new breed of emcees was being trained to take over Hip Hop culture with a false reality of materialism. The former promotes the ability to choose and think freely and the latter, slavery through mind control. Which one will reach the people of Hip Hop first?

The year two thousand six is here and mental slavery through Hip Hop has taken over with no signs of slowing down. EY PHLO’s time has come to lead the way with his sharpened skills and ability to travel between the two alternate realities. EY PHLO has been cultivating a secret project called Black Crystal’s, carefully designing each element for the purpose of telling the stories of the common man, the free thinking man. His remarkable story telling abilities and his palette of truth are starting to shake the very foundation of the corp