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Every Angle Records is an independent record label located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Every Angle has a host of talent such as the group
Thug Angels and solo acts Jay Boyd, Chris Black, Ghost, and Young O. We have plenty of hard hitting beats created by our in house producers Prentiss Carter and Jamar Harden. Prentiss Carter is also the CEO of Every Angle Records. We have plenty of songs in our catalog for you to enjoy. Since we can't bring you all of them at once we will give you a chance to enjoy the songs that are available and add more songs as time goes on.
Thug Angels album "Square One" is available on CDbaby.com. Prentiss Carter's new album "Do What We Want" pt. 2 is almost completed and will be available real soon. "Do What We Want" pt. 2 features Every Angle and other VA artist over Prentiss Carter beats. Young O. is in the lab working on his debut solo album "The Drop", Thug Angels are working on their second album. Chris Black,Jay Boyd and Ghost are in the lab.