Elizabeth Young


She was inspired to choose music as she watched Bucks Fizz perform the winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest. She later went on to write and enter a song for the Great British Song Contest...

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Well, I am a very innocent sounding singer, and I play the saxophone. I also write my own songs. My music is loved by children in particular, perhaps because it is so very inoffensive; my aim being to uplift and inspire. I'm a tiny little person (maybe that's why children like me). I weigh just 6 stones, AND no, I don't have food related issues. I'm 5 feet tall and heavily into sports. I'm a published writer. My book We Exist! Why? Elizabeth Young is available worldwide online. In some quarters I am considered something of a fitness guru. I believe in inspiration and do my absolute best to share it as often as I find it. I'm currently working on a facial fitness DVD.

Listener comments:

really original sound, like it, good luck!

dont sit down keep going its good stuff you will get there good tune good voice keep at it good luck

fabulous-love the song

Wonderful voice - keep up the good work