Edith Byron


Edith Byron's music has it's main influences on darwave and newave british bands such as Joy Division,The Smiths,The Mission,The Stranglers or Cocteau Twins,and also from bands and artists like Patti Smith,Morrissey,REM or PJ Harvey.Her introspective lyrics talk about life and human condition.

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Edith Byron began in the music world in 1992. In 1995, she creates her first band, called “The late spring”, which was dissolved a year after. In 1996, Edith recorded her first demo, “I”, followed by another the next year, “Useless Feelings”. In 1999, she recorded her first studio album, “The Ballads Of Cain”. The CD was published in spring of 2000. Between 2000 and 2003, Edith made some live performances as a solo singer. Late 2003, she decides to create a band again, under the name of EDITH BYRON GROUP, project in which she was involved until spring of 2008. After five years with Edith Byron Group, and with a published CD with the band (“The Hounds Of Tindalos”), Edith decides to re-take her solo career,with her second EP as a solo artist, “Sother”.