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I finally get my chance to shine as a artist that takes what life has to offer and spits reality into the ears of those that chose to expand their visions. I feel as though my lifes' journey has just started. I'm here to rep for those that are with me and make all those that didn't believe in my crusade and acknowledge that I'm a threat to this business. If you want to hear about cars that I don't have, murders that i didn't commit and how I floss on the daily then you have checked out the wrong MC. I spit what I know about and put you in the perspective of being there when it goes down. I got into this game to bring what its lacking. It started with a dream and slowly developed into a record companies nightmare!! Hate all you want but I'm here now and ain't going nowhere. My destiny is your demise. Hip-hop is a universal language. If you get into this game try your best to leave a legacy, push the boundries, and your bound to get noticed.