If you like the diff, versions of DJ Sammy's "Heaven" then you will delight in this original song!
Drea's voice is "Beautiful." Her style unique, & performance mezmerizing!

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One word to descrive Drea's voice: Beautiful."
Her style unique, and performance mezmerizing!

If you enjoy Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, DJ Sammy's "Heaven" or just great music this is a must have!

Drea's maxi single released from KD COSMIC Music: "Soulful Dream," highlights not only a blend of Soulful Pop, (uplugged & piano) but two exciting dance & techno mixes as well!

from ASCAP Songwriter Kathleen Lantos:
"When I met with Drea, her presence demanded the title "Soulful Dream."
I was inspired to write the lyrics to accompany such an amazing person & vocalist!"
The music and melodies came effortlessly from the Magic of the Multi-Talented Producer Extraordinaire & Artist David "the DCX" Cochrane. With Drea of course, adding her wonderful icing and talents to add to the collaboration of this timeless song "Soulful Dream." Released by KD COSMIC Music www.kdcosmic.com