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Dramatic Pause has hit the play button! We have officially become a full band! We are still in need of a bass guitarist, though. So...anybody interested...let us know! An emcee is also possible. As of right now, Dramatic Pause has begun recording music! We're in need of some equipment and instruments. Feel free to donate to help out!

Our sound varies from some acoustic light stuff to some rock. Aside from being influenced by popular bands/bands we listen to, we are also influenced by everyday occurences. The ups and downs in the rollercoaster of life. Yes, I know it feels like you are going woah whee woah whee ahh. Our songs tell our emotions of our love toward someone all the way to how much of a bad memory they are and how they took our heart, smashed it into pieces and never came back to put it back together.

We'll be posting our lyrics and songs on here when they are finished and your job is to tell us what you think. OK? AWESOME! Thanks for helping the cause!!!