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What it iz ppl itz ya boi D.C. reppin dat Memphis Ten. North Memphis to be exact till i die i started rappin lik 2 yearz ago and now im currently workin on my first cd "Smokin All Yall" I am also da CEO of Dope Azz Recordz i am currently a solo rapper lookin fo da next big thang to add on to da record lable. I am currently in da mist of a beef wit a group called Black Union they try and talk but my flo iz to much fo them and soon enough i will take them out. Sho sit bak and listen fo da newest music of mine and jus tell me wut u think. holla at cha boi if u thank u got wut it takez. u can hit me up my
hotmail memphis_young_soulja@hotmail.com or my yahoo dshaun_carroll@yahoo.com