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My name is David Brockwell AKA DJ Rhythm Dave 22 years Male old from the Isle Of Wight (UK) and i enjoy making music for the people all over the world to hear. The style of music i like to make is Dance, Hard Dance, Drum & Base, Hard Trance. Would love to hear your comments, the fans are what keeps me going :). Pease!


Been making music for around 5-6 years now its something i really enjoy. I used to make music using software called Music then Music 2000 and then onto Ejay products. As i got better and better i needed more advanced software so took a course on how to make music with Reason 3.0. It was the best thing i have ever done the software is amazing and is great to use. I now have the software at home alone with a keyboard and have set up my own website from there i have listed a database of my music for the world to hear. I am learning all the time i listen to other peoples music, get ideas and learn different styles of music also.