DJ-SLT-UK Welcome's you too with his promotional songs
"Move Your Body" & "Do You Feel This Way"

Limited too only 142 copies of this special introduction too the works of Simon Chappell aka DJ-SLT-UK

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Songwriter,Producer & Dj Simon Chappell aka DJ-SLT-UK has been around the music industry for close enough 17 years but only since 2003 had he started to write & produce his own unique styles ranging across many genre's of music.

So now in 2007 DJ-SLT-UK has launched his first set of Albums/Eps & singles on his very own website;

To get a good listen of this original artist & the music he creates then simply checkout his website & join for free as a member or fan & enjoy the never ending music thats being released their each month.

Currently their's only 45 songs available from his exsisting 255 song libuary!

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Title:  Ever Brought Your Own Product?
Created: Friday 29 June 15:30
Last Updated: Friday 29 June 15:34
Category:  Merchandise
Summary:Purchase of Merchandise, Value of Merchandise, Need Too Buy Basis

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