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Coley are:
Andy Cole - Bass, Guitar, vocals
Dan Wright - Vocals
Jon Cole - Guitar
Matt Taylor - Drums, Guitar
Will Dunn - Guitar

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Coley formed back in 2001, following the break-up of The Fifth Elephant…owing largely to the fact that the keyboardist had different musical tastes to where Andrew and Dan were heading.
Dan and Andrew, who were the creative team behind The Fifth Elephant, decided that the time was ripe to pursue a more accessible and more acoustic direction. Under the watchful eye of Dan's brother, also a musician (, Dan and Andrew put together sets for their first ever gig at the 12-Bar Club, Soho. Both sets of brothers (Jon and Mark) joined the embryonic Coley onstage in a gig that was well received. Since then, Coley have picked up a drummer/percussionist/guitarist in Matt; a rhythm guitarist in Will; and, a lead guitarist in Jon. (For a short time, Todd Williams joined as singer/guitarist before forming his own band Flow (, which was formed around 2004/05.)