Clarence Martin Jr El Caminante


Clarence Martin Jr. (El Caminante)

A man and his music. Directly from Panama to the world, Clarence reveals his sensitive side of passion with his recordings.

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Clarence Martin Jr. (El Caminante)

Panamanian artist, songwriter and record producer. Has worked with lots of singers in small and medium recording sessions for the last 10 years. Has personally produced 29 exclusive cds for his private fans (Instrumental music). Computer skilled from 1978, has been working on midi music for the past 29 years. His direct goal right now is to reach to as many persons as possible with his music to leave a nice and decent legacy. Has joined presentations with El Gran Combo, Johny Ventura, Sophy, OBI, Roberto Ledezma, Alfredo Gutierrez, and a great amount of soloists as an accompaniment one man band.