Chris Wickham


Chris Wickham

'Eulogy' EP: Available 2nd July, 2007!

1. Purify
2. Caelum
3. Don't Take This Away
4. Born Into The Cell
5. Forever Kind
6. Broken Man

'Demon' EP: Available now!

1. Repent
2. I Dream
3. Doomed to Fall
4. Leave Me Behind
5. Rise
6. Higher Than Hate

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Chris Wickham is a 17-year-old solo hard rock artist from Buckinghamshire, England. His work attempts to combine harsh, intricate de-tuned guitars with melodic classical vocals, interspersed with bursts of anger and malevolence. Lyrical themes focus on apocalypse, self-empowerment, determination and the chaos of the world we live in.

Chris' first EP 'Demon' which featured the tracks, 'I Dream' and 'Leave Me Behind' only achieved partial success, with very little support and interest due to lack of promotion.

Chris is currently mixing and mastering his second EP 'Eulogy' which has so far proved to be slightly more popular. Featuring anthems such as 'Don't Take This Away' and 'Purify', 'Eulogy' will have your hands raised in the air and your feet stomping!