Bush Ballads and Bush Verse


Multi Award winning ballad writer and bush poet

G'day Folks. I live in Bargara, Queensland Australia and enjoy the bush Ballad pick and strum style of music championed by Slim Dusty and Stan Coster.

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The particular style of music I enjoy playing is The Australian Bush Ballad pick and strum style championed by Slim Dusty and Stan Coster. The ballad style of lyrics shares the culture and the characters of my country. I am the bush Poet Rep for the Australian Bush Balladeers. bushballadeers.com.au/bushpoet.htm

I am also a bush Poet and a member of The Australian Bush Poets Association who define bush poetry as rhyming verse with regular metre and true rhyme about Australia, its people, places, things and way of life.

I also have a web site called Bush Poetry, Ballads and Yarns at www.users.tpg.com.au/thegrey