Bullet 39


Bullet is now in studio and are working on some new material so remember to buy your own copy of the upcoming album:

"Rebel Kid"

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Bullet 39 started with Emil Andrè (guitar) and Knut Joar (bass). One day in the age of 12, they felt bored and since Emil Andrè allready had played the guitar for a while they decided to start a band. Knut Joar started learning guitar from Emil Andrè / his dad and soon he bought his first bass. When they started on junior high, they had to find a drummer for the band. Late in 2006 they recruited Andreas as drummer. Andreas couldn`t really play drums, but since he had a great passion for it, they let him join. After some months of practicing and song writing, Andreas left the band. He felt that he slowed down the band because he wasn`t that good at drums. The Next day, another Andreas joined the band. He had played the drums for some years and was great skilled, but he early left the band because he wanted to play metal. Marius from a metal band called Cruentus decided to join Bullet 39. He had played drums for 7 years. Emil Andrè (songwriter and guitar) thought that if he recruited ano