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Brother Short is a collective of five brothers of different parents, brought together by fate and bound together by their love of music and each other. Their music reflects a long and winding set of paths that intertwine and cross at points seemingly chosen for their poignancy and timing, as if it were inevitable. A Brother Short song can lift you up, touch your spirit, make you sing, dance and cry and leave you with a lasting impression. Hailing from Northcentral West Virginia, Brother Short consists of singer/guitarist/ songwriters Greg and Luke Short, bassist Chuck Wilson, keyboardist Mike Dorsey and drummer Bill Harding. Over 100 years of collective experience in songwriting, performing and entertaining is evident in their music, both live and in the studio. With influences ranging from Marshall Tucker, The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, Little Feat, CSN&Y, Doobie Brothers and many others, their sound appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes and genres. The first CD, "Sacred Fire"