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While in Köln, Germany, Chet Rutledge was awakened by a phone call from drummer Rick Shelton (Mother Station, Dust for Life, Course of Nature), which ultimately paved the way for a return to his former residence of Memphis, TN.  Shortly after, Chet, recording under the moniker Brother Chess, completed his longtime-coming demo, ultimately having the dual effect of bringing him full circle and establishing him as a new artist.
Brother Chess found his musical roots against the backdrop of the Mississippi delta. The rural farmland of Arkansas combined with the urban landscape of Memphis provided this young songwriter a virtual plethora of sound. After taking advantage of this region by absorbing the blues, rock n’ roll, country, and hip-hop, his love of the recording arts led him to Florida and Louisiana. On this journey, he furthered his understanding of the entertainment industry, while at the same time being introduced to various musical genres, including: salsa, trance, jazz