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Hi there. Thanks for visiting the BigBear site.

BigBear is eclectic electronic music which draws on a large array of different musical sources - techno, ambient, ethnic to name a few.

BigBear has been producing music for soundtracks for over 15 years and a number of tracks (including 'Swirl' and 'Lions Bay') have been used on TV programmes across Europe.

David is currently working on an album of songs as well as some new commissions. In addition, BigBear has produced an album-length ambient piece entitled 'Music For Yoga' as well as an album of cover versions of Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells' and George Winston's 'Autumn'.

All tracks are written, composed and performed by David Impey with contributions from Malcolm 'Blind Dog' Bolton on harmonica and Brett Fuller on didjeridoo.

The overall effect is widescreen chill-out music that you can miss your motorway exit to.

Be transported and enjoy!

David also plays with the band SoundBite. See

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Title:  Widescreen Music from BigBear
Created: Friday 13 July 20:37
Last Updated: Friday 13 July 20:37
Category:  General

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