Ben Nathan


Wow, this is where it all happens. Thanks to Arkade I get to share my music with you.

I am now living back in England in a city called Peterborough, the place where dreams are broken.

If you have made it to my site, thank you for checking it out......

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Ben Nathan began his writing his music in his spare time when he played professional soccer in the UK.

Later he returned to the USA and began to seriously write music and lyrics for his first albumn which was produced at the John Custer recording studio in Raleigh North Carolina.

By Your Side was his first major success on his albumn "The Road to Nowhere".

In a twist of events he found himself faced with the realities of life. Through an eventful number of years Ben managed to capture his experiences through the ears of his music.

Just as most people document their lifes with pictures and videos, he to found himself capturing the diary of his life through a microphone.

In a true and honest expression you can feel that he has lived these songs and wants now to share them with you...

Ben Nathan is currently recording his latest song "Baby" at the "Diesel Recording Studio" in Durham, North Carolina, the UK and will be ready for release before Christmas 2006.