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For Barry Gardner singing has always been a part of his life.It all began in Canada with a performance at the Internatinal Center,then participated at several open mic's,he has entertained at Retirement homes and private party's includeing the Old Mill.To perfect his art he took vocal coaching with Canada's Reowned vocal coach& musician Elaine Overholt.In 2005Barry was invited to perform at the Jerk and Jazz festival and was an honour to return in '06.In 2006 Barry was a guest performer for Canada's Juno Award Winner Mr.Leroy Brown,for his c.d release party(cd entitled "Genuine Love".Its a commpliment that so many people have stated to him that he sounds like" Nat king Cole"of course to him thats the ultimate compliment,as Nat king has always been one of his favorites followed by Earl Grant &the great Oscar Perterson.The good Lord has blessed him with a voice to sing jazz,Ballads,Ska,rocksteady & reggae so he