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Imagine an orchestra made up of synth players in Bayreuth Opera House, thousands of blinking LEDs illuminating an ambitious conductor who hates even hearing the word “Minimalism” and whose life-mission is providing the listener with the Symphonic Ambient equivalent of “What the heck just hit me??” feeling of such works as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

Aziraphal is a composer and producer of electronic music whose style could be loosely defined as Symphonic Progressive Ambient. Researching and composing electronic music for 12 years he has created solo albums in many diverse styles, but has also collaborated with other authors and written music for TV, films, commercials, Flash ads, games and children's stories. He also composes "serious" classical music for solo piano and small ensembles which was performed live by himself (as pianist) and other performers at several events.

His latest album, "The Little Match Girl", is available at