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Away With The Fairys is singer songwriter Patrick Murphy. He trained as an actor at the East 15 acting school. In the 90s he moved to Liverpool, formed the band "Earth" and took a post as a drama lecturer at a local college. In 98 he moved to Hamburg Germany, then onto Denmark. From Denmark travelled the Scandinavian countries playing his accoustic guitar and performing his own music in various venues.

It was in Denmark that the original "Away With The Fairys" where formed and they toured venues in Scandinavia and then travelled to the U.K., where they played various venues, which ended at the world famous Cavern club in Liverpool.

He has worked as a drama teacher director at Viborg dramaskole in Denmark where he directed students in works of Shakespeare and a full production of "The Crucible" (Heksejagt)by Arthur Miller. Both where performed in the Danish language .

In 2006 he found himself in Canada where he was one of the judges in a regional battle of the bands in Grande P

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