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Ollie Meyrick - Lead Vocals
Callan Milward - Guitar, Vocals
Martin Edmondson - Bass, Vocals
Phil Smith - Drums

On the 07/06/06 Martin asked Josh if he would like to start a band. A few days later they asked Callan to play guitar. At first martin was the Lead singer but gave up due to nervousness. We then invited Ollie to meet us when he arrived we asked if he would like to join, he said yes…

We were originally called “Kings Of Voodoo.” Soon we hated that Name, and started looking for a new one. Callan came up with the name "Asbestos" while sitting on an Asbestos Roof at Josh"s.

Most of the bands songs could be described as either Punk or Hardcore Punk. Overall Asbestos have written 14 songs.

We have a new drummer to replace Josh, this is Phil Smith.

We are currently trying to get enough votes to play gilfest

Asbestos... x