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Dedicated to introducing a fresh new sound, the "ART OFFICIALS" have created an undeniable audio experience. Experimentation is the key to success in this case, as well as mind altering experiences that the"ART OFFICIALS" have blended into a personal listening journey. Enjoy.

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With their debut album, "ART OFFICIALS" slide onto the experimental electronic scene creating a new genre of music. "SMARTEST ARTIST" is the red carpet for what has recently been dubbed "Elecmental," an exiting and fresh new view on listening pleasure. Images are created and become twisting journeys into the deep dark minds of the "ART OFFICIALS." Like fine whiskey, a listener can taste the intricate layers of subtle differences in texture, mood and depth, resulting in an almost intoxicating buzz. This group of talented muso's hail from every corner of the earth, each one bringing their own culture and beliefs, and infusing these sounds of thought in music. The base station for this operation is in Southern Africa, however the band members are currently individually marketing in countries like Canada, Australia, England and France. The lead song writer "John Bennett" has been influenced by funk, rock, trance as well as a childhood drowned in jazz.