Name: April a.k.a. *~ApRiCoT~* b.k.a. *~SpringB@BY~*
Age: 23
Sex: F
Occ.: College student/musician
Int./hobbies: music, art, drums, keys, guitar, bass guitar
Sign: Aries
More: youngest and craziest of 5 mixed with german, french, W. Indian, creek indian, and something else I forgot...heh.

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It is I, April D. I have over 100 songs completed and I didn't know what to do with them, so I decided to share them with the world.
My musical tastes are rather eclectic; anything that feels good or can be felt period is basically what I'm in to. My songs range from dance, electronica, techno, trance, and similar genres to instrumental, smooth jazz, rock, R&B, and more. This site showed me that there are far more genres than I've come to know, but that only leaves room for all types and kinds of music to flow through, ne? Listen for youself and tell me what you think.^^