Anita Ivette Ferrer


ANITA FERRER’S, music, poetry, blogs and art is a Brave Flame, piercing the darkness where many musicians & angels fear to tread. She follows the beat of a different drum, eshewsing derision from scoffers, (who she deems mostly boring anyway), because she dares to cross boundaries.

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Anita Ivee ferrer, AKA, the Asbury Park angel's calling began in 1982 when she came face to face with Jesus Christ. Not religious by any means, she is a passionate seeker of truth, human rights, justice & higher love that can only be expressed and experienced by…a higher power.
Her early outreach endeavors networking with area pastors & non-profit leaders helping to feed & clothe the homeless centered around Asbury Park, (the Jersey Shore). Anita was was raised in humble circumstances., no stranger to hardship, rejection & hardship. She champions the underdog.
Presently, waging a vicious battle in her body with , Dystonia and she will fell this giant also as she continues to record new msuic, write inspirational books and give hope to many hurting people she meets.