Dynamically riveting, a tapestry of lush melodies and punishing aggression. AnaDies does not shoot for a specific target audience, we welcome all who will listen with open arms.

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AnaDies is a six piece band from Colorado Springs, CO. The intricate pianos, layered female and male vocals, dark melodic music, and driving beats is what sets AnaDies apart and makes us unique.

AnaDies was formed in February of 2003, coming together from diverse musical backgrounds, including hard rock, metal, punk, and classical. Our debut performance of all original music occurred in July of 2003. Shortly thereafter, we released a 3 song demo, which gained the attention of independent radio stations as well as local production companies, and by the new year we were included in the ranks of the top local gigging bands. In September of 2004, we released our debut full length album entitled "Formamentum" which was recorded with Dave Otero of Flatline Audio in Denver, CO (well known for his work with relapse records artist Cephalic Carnage, and Crash Records artists The Mandrake, Throcult, and Serberus.)