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What / Who are the Alutepena Diaries? Firstly Alutepena Diaries are not a band (so no soft-focussed pictures there). Alutepena Diaries are a project where the songs are key. Whether they be prog rock / pop, dance, rap or jazz. We do not believe in the restraints of musical genre.

The main thread that ties most of our work together is the "classical influence" whereby an orchestral ensemble is somewhere in the background (normally under the guitar solos)! Multi-layed vocal gymnastics + drums, guitars, strings, piano and keyboards = Alutepena Diaries.

Imagine a cocktail mix of say, Enya, Toyah, Kate Bush, ELO, Pink Floyd, Neneh Cherry with the odd classical twist and that in a nutshell is what Alutepena Diaries are all about.

"Life in Good Ole Blighty" is the second album from the Alutepena Diaries. A taster of some of the tracks that are currently on this album are available on this microsite.