African Child


African Child & the Prophet Unification is the band that plays the true African Root Reggae
Like a Bob Marley comeback in the 21st century!
Their beat is universal whish bring people together in every nation, every culture, every religion and in all believes.
True peacemaking force to the world

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African Child was born in Bele, north of Ivory Coast August 3-1983 started to travel in age of 8!
When his mama was pregnant, his grandmamma come and tell her that this child is going to be a public person, I call him or her Farafina Ding that means African Child. When he was born his parent’s give him the name Adama Diarra, Adama means the first and Diarra means lion.
He left his parents when he was eight years old trying to find some work so he could support his family because of hard living. Travel from village to village town to town country to country over the years.
African Child travel to Mali got his first guitar, struggling in the street playing the guitar wherever he goes. He started to work as a stage boy with a band called Tara’s band that played different music styles.
He continues to Senegal and Gambia. In Gambia, African Child struggle to make a coffee shop to survive, entertain his cu