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In 2002 undead brothers and Gothenburg natives Dick Panzer (”The Dick”) and Ace Fury (formerly known as Lance Bannon) joined forces in Stockholm, Sweden. AUTOTRASH seemed a logical name, summing up the essence of this garage punk combo. The ultimate goal was to set things straight in the degenerating music scene with thundering Panzer bass, screaming guitar noise, and various growls/yelps.

Several electrifying live performances later, including famous Stockholm venues like Kägelbanan, Göta Källare and Debaser, the third and final piece fell into place: phantom killer The Leper and his mighty traps finally joined AUTOTRASH.

The stage is set, the gruesome threesome is complete, and the path to world domination lies open. Watch your back, AUTOTRASH are ready to raise the dead and violate the living.