ATONEMENT is a Melodic Black Metal band from Portugal formed in 1997.

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ATONEMENT, a Melodic Black Metal band from the suburbs of Figueira da Foz - Portugal, started to build up its dream in August 1997 with only four elements - Mário Vilas (guitars), Rui Galo (vocals), Pedro Vilas (drums) and Gualdino Galo (guitars).
Later that same year a bass player (Nuno Fontes) and two keyboard players (Ana Penicheiro and Diana Gomes) joined the original group.
With only three months of existence the first concerts started to take place mostly live performances in private parties.
As time went on, ATONEMENT lost one of its members, Ana Penicheiro (keyboards). This shook the band's structure slightly but the problem was overcome and the group manage to row against the stream.

Actual Formation:

DÄRKM@STËR - Grief Howls
DOMINOSFERATU - Summoning Screams
UHKTTOSYS - Heavy Artillery
LUCIFUS-DYBUK - Mourning Chords