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ANTHROPPIC - Or at least the bare bones of the band - first started in February 2008 when Petula organised a social musicians meetup group. A load of interested people met up at a pub in Kentish Town. As Organiser of the Group, Petula had no intention of being a member of a band herself!!

A few weeks later, another meeting was arranged at a rehearsal studio. Due to work, Petula couldn't attend but at the first meeting, Richard (Keyboards / Guitar) and Nick (Violin /Guitar), however did.

March saw the arrival at the rehearsal studio of Petula (at long last), Steve (Guitar), Courtney (Rhythm Guitar) and Marcus (bass). Petula was eventually roped in to do some vox during one of the band's jam sessions and was voted in as lead vocalist for the band.

As Courtney could sing as well, plus the fact that both himself and Petula were able to do lead and backing vocal harmonies, Courtney was also drafted in (by an overwhelming majority) to share lead vocals for the band.

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Created: Tuesday 28 October 16:41
Last Updated: Tuesday 28 October 16:41
Category:  Live Shows
Summary:Anthroppic on gigs, myspace, facebook, new band material - oh yes and of course, not forgetting, construction of our new website!

Title:  Exciting times ahead - ANTHROPPIC
Created: Friday 08 August 17:09
Last Updated: Friday 08 August 17:09
Category:  General
Summary:Anthroppic's very first entry via the Arkade microsite.

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