35yd beat experiment


Mix fat drums with bongos, congas, djembe, bass. Add pianos, samples, decks, sax and didgeridoo. Pour on soulful vocals and apply heat. Congratulations - you just performed a 35yd beat experiment

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It’s soulful but not soul, it’s funky but it isn’t funk. There are improvised solos and lyrical grooves, but it’s not jazz. The beats are fat as you like, but it isn’t hip-hop. It has attitude, intensity and - in places - sheer volume to challenge the most hardcore of sound engineers, yet it has nothing to do with rock or punk. It has really big melodies and plenty of emotion but you couldn’t call it pop, and it’s way too dancefloor-friendly to be a film soundtrack. So what is it?

Download a track or two, have a listen, and see if you can tell us the answer.

Welcome to a new kind of music.