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Born in the Nation's Capital (Washington, DC) and reared in "Ward 9" Prince George's County, Maryland (Temple Hills). I'm a product of St. Thomas More Catholic School (Southeast, DC), where I gained a strong sense of morale values; these values still influence my life and music today.

I moved to the "Port City", Wilmington, NC at age 11. While in Middle School there, I met the individuals that would later and now form Man Down Productions: A-1, Bezel, Cuzo, Skeez, G-Smooth & M80 aka N.F.L - "Niggas For Life." Doing this time, we started to work on this music thang. Skeez looping beats, the others and me rapping on a karaoke machine and recording. This is around the time when Skeez came up with the name "Man Down Productions." During some of our early sessions, my misunderstood intro's lead to my stage name - D2Ez, which I refined to "2Ez."

My musical influences are Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, Tupac and Biggie; really anybody that raps about real life issues and has their own style