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First off peep my music page...www.myspace.com/Five14Recordings YB Tha Maker was born into this world on September 11 in Los Angeles, Ca. He was raised as a latch-key kid while his single parent mother held two jobs too support them. As a result of watching his mother struggle throughout his childhood he began to see life in a different manner and he knew he wanted to make a change for the best. As YB approached adulthood he knew he had a vision of making his dreams a reality and turning them into his on legacy. So as he developed an ear for music he began to educate himself about various instruments, and engineering programs. That would assure him a mark for his name YB €œTha Maker€?. Once he decided that he was ready for the world music became his grounding place. As he faced many obstacles from the beginning, not only within his previous group member but from the industry itself. With such problems as a handful of prominent mainstream artist stealing platinum and multi-platinum hook