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"WEAR YOUR CROWN" is a one man band, where all instruments (guitar, bass, drums) are written, performed, and produced by Frank Veal. Frank currently resides in Milton Ontario, Canada. Frank has been playing guitar for almost 10 years and continues to have passion to grow and try to become the best musician he can be. Wear your crown simply means to do just that. What ever goals or dreams you may have in life, go out and achieve them by not just by thinking about it, or talking about it, but actually doing it! And while you're in the process of this.....WEAR YOUR CROWN! basically, BE PROUD! BE STRONG! have a realistic plan and carry it out, regardless of what negative people say. Negative people are entitled to their opinions, however at the same time you are entitled to not have to listen to them. If I'd listened to all the negative people in my life, you would not be reading this message nor listening or possibly downloading my music!

Check out www.myspace.com/wycrown