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waniac AKA waynee-wu. i grew up in manuREWA south auckland new zealand AK to me- the low lows. i aint your average whiteboy man i was raised up fighting for my place in a town dominated by brownies. Infact its my turn to stand up, the low lows made me who i am today. All my boys from REWA are brownies. infact im the only true whiteboy from there. Man ive been writing lyrics since i was 8 1/2 years old man. The white- Maori/ Samoan/Cook island/Tongan man you name it thats me. All my boys mums said i should a been black. Thats me w-a to the n-i-a-c..
not forgetting i was born in Warrington Chesshire man, mum and dad from Eccles Manchester