vince amore


Momentum-love song.
It is a "duetto" with narrator,tenor.soprano,choir,and an orchestra with 8 instruments directed by the great Tibor Polgar :pupil of Zoltan Kodaly in Accademy of Music-Budapest.
Words and music by Corea Antonio Filippo. It gets in the soul elevating it to the hights of love.

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Hi,everyone:Corea Antonio Filippo born in south-ern Italy in 1941.Poet,journalist and profession "EMIGRANT".I love music particularly classical:Lyric.I believe that love is forever and forever sinks in our soul and it can be reconque-red at any time as long as...Please listen to my composition"Momentum"-lyric song and let your spirit reach the highest peacks of our human motivations.Dreaming is the best part of our beings and it is also a way to realize our target.Going around the world this is the bit of treasure that I have learned and I'm happy to share it with you.In the photo(from left):me,my daughter Rosa Maria,my wife Margherita,my son Gregorio Nicola.And now please,ENJOY the lyric and let me know about it.Best regards Corea Antonio Filippo.

This is part of a poem that I pubblished time ago and that,in some way,is related
to "Momentum"-lyric song.
In evil one we'll both pay...
palm over palm
for many a miles
we'll love again
again we'll pray