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Hard work, dedication and a love of rock music make up veXed a band hailing from Worksop, Nottinghamshire. 10 months together now, they have a wealth of experience-over 18 years each-in playing their instruments, writing music and cultivating the sound they now play. Rock musicians through and through, John Malarek (vocals), Pete Reeve(guitars), Dale Bloomer (keyboards), Phill Firth (bass and Tony Gaskel (drums) perform at an explosive pace; only playing original music, NO covers.
Delighting crowds by the sheer skill of the musicians and the clever lyrics belted out by Johns powerful voice, this is a quality rock band. A variety of tracks are on offer with the bands first EP. From the powerful grungey Judgement Day through to Apathy, a pure classic sounding rock number; suddenly switching to Big Teaser, a wonderfully addictive 12 bar rock/blues tale. If you love rock, check us out!!!!!