Acoustic Blues/Rock

Based in Reading,


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Tim spent the last decade dipping in and out of all kinds of styles, genres and line-ups from 9 piece funk to 3 piece rock. However, for the last couple of years, he has been riding the music-train alone

"So, why go it alone?" I asked when we met recently over a post-gig beer.

"Well, a little part of me loves the lonely world of the solo performer. The fact I can write new stuff half an hour before a gig and then turn up and try it out rock's my little world." I guess you cant say fairer than that!

His live shows have the kind of rare edge that keeps everything exciting; the vocal equivalent of penny sweets dipped in mustard, he has a real fizz to his voice backed up by a depth and power that smacks you between the eyes and clears your sinuses. A bluesy, country, rock sound - think John Mayer, Sheryl Crow & the Black Crowes and you're in the right ball-park.

Keep him firmly on your watch list & check him out soon.