Recognise that in the new world bad actions are without consequence, knowledge is without reward, justice is never served, faith is flawed greed is natural, and good music is hard to find.

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The Doppler Shift are a 3 piece band based in West Sussex consisting of the following members;

Joe Ross – Lead Vocals, guitar and percussion
Matt Chapman – Keyboards, effects, synthesis, drum programmer
Russ Cox – Bass Guitar, percussion

The Doppler Shift started out as a fragmentation of our previous group In Vitro which split in the late spring of 2005. The Doppler Shift’s initial line-up consisted of just Matt and Joe with Russ joining in the early part of 2006.

The intended vision for the band has always been to create something powerful and dynamic that doesn’t fall foul of any conformities that are often succumbed to by other acts. The most apparent hurdle they have had to overcome is how to create a sound that is both compelling and energetic without the contribution of a live drummer who would usually add so much to a band’s intensity. Actually, their initial idea had been to get a drummer on board but after months of endless auditions and so many candidates falling