the falling idols


We grab it by the balls live - being in a band is about passion, excitement and entertainment.

Tender moments mixed with absolute raw chaos - likened to a quiet drink followed by a bar room brawl

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The Falling Idols, a 3 piece indie/punk/rock band, based in Reading, formed mid 2005. Here's what's said about 'em:

"Now this is a clean, unexpected, hit. Like a midget leaping to chin Peter Crouch, the opening riff of I am I can I will would have the most cynical giant applauding their nerve."

BLAH BLAH MAGAZINE REVIEW OCT 06....".....they've got one of the best frontmen i've seen in a long time. Not only can he sing, but he's one hell of a guitarist. He's reminiscent of a young Joe Strummer, and the set is full of passion and energy."..... "...Tim Potter, who co-wrote some of the songs, and Andy Russell, whose brilliant drumming and tight driving bass, respectively made sure that the set flowed effortlessly."

PLUG N PLAY NEWS LETTER SEP 06 "...these rising stars have been playing all over the south in recent months and guarantee a great gig wherever they perform. Brash and in-your face is the key to this band's show. Yer mother wouldn't like it.