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The Cinderella Liberty are a post hardcore/alternative/screamo band based in Chichester, England.
The story kinda goes a little like......
Lee, George and Aaron all lived in Germany for a number of years as their parents were with the armed forces. George moved to chichester in September `04, followed by Lee and Aaron in September `05 where they all studied music courses at Chichester College.
The line up has changed here and there since the start but was completed when thwaitesee came into the equation. thwaitesee also went to school in Germany with George, Lee and Aaron and with the already established concrete friendship it made it easier to gel as a band so they decided to get him down for a session and within a week they completed several songs, played a gig and on top of that, recorded.
We will have more songs for you to check out as soon as possible so keep checking back.
TCL xxx